Cultural Accuracy Reading

Evaluation of a Full-Length Manuscript

Make sure your manuscript doesn't include anything disrespectful, incorrect, or perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

The process of vetting a manuscript for misrepresentation, biases, stereotypes, and a variety of other factors that may be harmful or antagonistic to a person or population group is known as Cultural Accuracy Reading (also known as Sensitivity, Authenticity, Diversity, or Targeted Expert Reading).

Many publishers are increasingly requesting these critical evaluations for manuscripts to deliver culturally authentic books. This area of study developed in reaction to events and grassroots movements such as #WeNeedDiverseBooks, #MeToo, and #BlackLivesMatter. The public demanded fair and accurate representation, justice, and equity for readers of different backgrounds and improved publishing sector ethics. Due to insensitive or damaging material, several titles have been withdrawn, criticized, or even cancelled altogether in the last decade.

Your work will be examined and verified by a professional editor specializing in identifying potential cultural correctness concerns as part of our Cultural Accuracy Reading service. The criticism you'll get isn't meant to censure or criticize your work; rather, it's intended to help you make the greatest decisions for your readers.

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