Book Proposal

What Does a Book Proposal Entail?

We help writers by guiding them through the process of writing, editing, and publishing their books.
  • The quantity and format of book proposals vary, but most include some of the elements below.
  • Executive Summary: A synopsis of your book and why others should read it.
  • Author bio: Why are you the best author for this project?
  • Comparable Titles: A comparison of similar titles and writers and how well those books sold and why your book fits a gap in the market.
  • Chapter Descriptions: Captivating Annotated Outline
  • Author Platform and Marketing Plan: A thorough examination of your capacity to sell books and your marketing strategy.
  • Sample Examples (optional)

The Entire Ghostwriting Package

Proven track record of success

Our book ideas have landed six- and seven-figure deals, resulting in publishing a slew of New York Times best-sellers.

The Elite Group

Directly collaborate with successful authors and former top acquisitions editors from Big-5 publishing houses. Dennis Weiss, Peter Fisher, and other consistently famous writers have all begun their careers by our editors.

Connections with Publishers and Agencies

We prepare proposals for leading literary agencies and Big-5 publishers who employ us directly. Our business provides you with direct access to the publishing industry's decision-makers.

Bestseller Strategy, Marketing, and Publicity

We've released hundreds of successful books across many genres, so we know which marketers, publicists, and bestselling techniques will help you meet your publishing objectives.

Navigation in the Publishing Industry

Every client has different publishing goals, so we work with you to find the right partners and develop a publishing plan to help you get the most out of your book.

Individualized Service

Our approach and timescales are tailored to your publication objectives. Our staff may meet with you at one of our offices or at your home or place of business.

The Writing of a Book Proposal

1 Discovery Meetings We learn about your publishing objectives and explore how to create a book and publishing plan to help you achieve them.
2 Strategy Meetings Multi-day collaborative in-person (optional) in-depth talks about the book's positioning, promise to the reader, structure, content, marketability, competitive analysis, author platform, and publication plan.
3 Table of Contents We create and finish a thorough table of contents that includes chapter descriptions.
4 Composing a Book Proposal In close collaboration with you, we will draught (or revise, if you like) the book proposal.
5 Revision and Editing The book proposal is reviewed, assessed, and edited by a Senior Editor (a former acquisitions editor from a Big-5 publisher).
6 Agents and Publishers to Target We have strong relationships with agents and publishers and can ensure that your proposal reaches the appropriate people.

Let's get started on your book proposal.

Our collaborative book proposal-writing approach will ensure that you work has the highest chance of attracting literary agents and landing a publication contract

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